One of the main complaints we get about oak is that there’s just so much of it. Transform the look of your kitchen with a simple cabinet update! Create a high-end looking Christmas wreath with items from the Dollar Store! If I was facing down an oak kitchen that I wanted to live with, in harmony, for a bit of time, here’s what I would do in one weekend:  Paint it a great color. This is especially true when it comes to cabinets in the kitchen. Until about a year ago I never thought I would want to... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. 25 Genius DIY Decorating Ideas to Try This Fall. Wipe down your cabinets well with this mixture, and when dry, you're ready to tone! Re-paint your kitchen … Check Out These 15 Beautiful Flower Ideas For Spring, 15 Amazing Things You Can Make With Dollar Store Gems, 4 Chemical-Free Ways To Clean In Your Home. And then, since it looks much better and you are thrilled and at peace with it, you can move on to dreaming about that full kitchen reno you are still working towards… one day. I picked up a pair of nightstands that were luckily already prepped for me with primer. I love it so much!'s time for these guys to go! For under $100!We saved... Sunflowers happen to be one of my favorite flowers. Why woul'd she put there a picture of the whole dark kitchen if she has her own kitchen cabinets painted white (look at the background of the photos)? Hardware makes an enormous difference in the bones of the cabinetry and the style of the room. I don’t like dark cabinets at all. Yes! I’m going to show you a super cool trick that I found to update your golden oak or honey oak cabinets without painting! The photo above is showcasing a kitchen … Can this type of cabinet doors be painted? What a difference a little bit of stain can make! Consider checking out my updated 2020 Living With Oak Design & Style Guide, now including a 23 piece BONUS success bundle! Here's one of the larger cabinet doors post-face lift. Right now. Bonus idea! Give that ugly, old banquet table a new lease on life by adding a new table top. cabinets … Before you start staining, you'll want to lightly sand down the surface of your cabinets, just to rough up the edges a bit so that the stain really gets into the wood. Tagged: hardware, cabinets, update, oak, living with oak, interior design, design, kitchen, bathroom, group 2. I know you've all got 'em. You might be wondering, too: ‘is there such a thing as a quick, simple and cheap update for an oak kitchen?’  My answer? I just moved. Change out the hardware. Cabinets After : Kasandra DeKoning/Hometalk. What I Hate About Interior Design & How I Got Over It, Clear surfaces are good for the soul – 5 steps to make it happen today. 15 Ways to Make an Expensive-Looking Fall Centerpiece. Wait until you see what bold paint and hardware did to this boring kitchen. Toning isn't limited to only cabinets! I’m here to offer interior design advice and inspiration to help you make that happen. Life is too short to live with those ugly cabinets! In a house filled with golden oak, it can be a challenge to update things in a way that is both stylish and doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount. so go for black, oil-rubbed bronze or a nice silver finish. Check out this awesome Before and After! Hi, I'm Tara. Wonder if it can be done on hickory? at least the wood grain still shows through. I also use denatured alcohol and water (another 1:1 mixture) and cleaned off the cabinets well. I believe you can become a happier person in a more beautiful home and I’m here to guide you in creating a practical plan to pull it all together. The hot home renovation trend – painted kitchen cabinets. 18 Things You Never Thought to Hang on Your Walls & Why You Should! I was looking for a project piece to use the Prairie Colors BARN RED paint that I had on hand. Respect the integrity and style of your home’s architecture. Contrasting colors will make the new hardware stand out and give some visual breaks in the monotony of overwhelming golden oak (and add The Power of Distraction!) I had a built in wet bar that was straight out of the 70's. My go-to steps:  Paint the walls, change out the lighting fixtures, work with the other colors in the room (art, accessories, rugs) … and one of the biggest impacts:  change the hardware! I also like to add some paint extender which will delay the drying time of your stain, giving you more time to play with the stain once it goes on, to get the color you want. Or, maybe you will be so happy with the small changes you made that you can cross that idea right off the list and move on to dreaming about making other areas of your home just right. How A Little Bit Of Glitter Can Go A Long Way! Join 25 000 others for instant access to my library of free, practical, and down-to-earth interior design resources! Looking for a way to store all those pieces of fabric you’ve been collecting? Add a squirt of extender directly into the stain/topcoat mixture, and mix well. I love this! ONE   |   TWO   |  THREE   |  FOUR   |   FIVE. Toning changes the tone of your cabinets by applying a coat of stain mix over your existing cabinets. I am going to show you this technique on a lighter pickled oak cabinet. I love mirrors and I love crystals, and when they come together, I think it’s just gorgeous. This mixture is a great de-greaser, and will remove cooking oil from kitchen cabinets as well as hair products from bathroom cabinets too. When the sanding is done, wipe down well with a cheese cloth to get rid of any residue. Here are some updates that you need to do. So much better and brighter. After all, most people are thinking ‘if I’m going to spend so much money to make this oak work, I’m going to just wait to completely renovate the kitchen.’  There is little point to investing in stone counter tops, new flooring and the rest of it, if you are just biding your time until you can deal with the cabinets. . Mine were dark like yours and I painted them a light off white. Go Light. For the next step, you'll need a natural bristle brush with lots of "poof". They have a surface that is like Formica. I offer professional interior design services in person and online and am the author of a design & style guide to Living With Oak.