This is a rare, hard-to-find pattern featuring a mallard duck on a cream colored background. But this seems to be more prevalent on later model items, and not the original square skillet dishes. This piece was dirty but with Barkeeper's Friend and a little attention it cleaned right up. And lastly, I have a large dish with no markings at all on the bottom, but has Corning Ware in raised white lettering under one handle and A-5-B 5 Liter also in raised white lettering under the opposite handle...where might this have been made and is it good for freezer, oven, stovetop and microwave? If you have a chance, you can email photos to [email protected], Ok, thank you for replying! I really appreciate you responding so quick! I have so many memories of the familiar clink of Corningware at Christmas dinners and church socials. Would this have been a test pattern to see if it would sell? What a wonderful trove of information you've gathered! One of a Kind Vintage Corning Ware Country Festival Birds Design Proofs A-10-B | eBay. For what it's worth, there are also some Visions V14B bowls (I would describe them as an oval grab-it bowl, though it's not labeled as such) that come in white pyroceram but are clearly labeled Visions. For the longest time, I was wondering about one of my pieces that had been marked B.And thank you for the great tip on where to find handles. Hubby heard the radio broadcast & bought a piece recently at the antique store thinking it was worth something, lol It indeed is "Spice of Life" item # A-10-B 10x10 w/ lid perfect condition, I just don't care for it. Thanks for any insights. Any ideas about this piece as I can't find anything on the net with a D 35 and yours is the only site that shows the exact embossed stamp. I am only familiar with the current United States market. Besides growing up with it.I never considered it having value. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Corning Ware P84B Blue Cornflower 4 QT Casserole Pyrex Lid P12c Ladle Early Logo at the best online prices at eBay! I saw a post being circulated on fb about Corningware which got me curious. Not sure if foil will help. Thanks for any info you can provide! Is it oven safe? So far, I have only seen plain white pieces. Thanks again for answering my question, much appreciated. That is just so cool! They have been used extensively. Adam Zimmerman of Syl-Lee Antiques told Insider that eBay sellers can manipulate listings to look like they've sold items for higher prices. In addition, the cornflower stamp also appeared on the early A series pots as well. A-18, A-21 & A-76. The embossed stamp on the bottom looks exactly like your first photo here, except the last line on mine has a C-18 where yours has a B-34. I have a 1 3/4 QT casserole dish with the 1959 embossed bottom stylized flame stamp marked D 35. Thanks!! But the Graffia ones do not say, and I'm having trouble dating them to figure out if they're pyroceram or not. What about the I Series - I have a a Round I-1.5 it is a 1.5 ltr Casserole with Spice of Life pattern "L'Echalote". What if there is no stamp at all? They are now wondering how they can find out their worth as they are about to move house and so are 'clearing out'.Any suggestions for Australia?Thanks! Great vintage condition; no chips or cracks. Hello, I have 2 6 qt casserole spice of life dishs but I'm curious why the patterns are different. I have a Pyrex P-7-C lid for a Corningware dish, and I was wondering what is going on with it. It's possible that they have never been available in the United States or Canada. Now I have to call the company,, to see if any staff member knows why my corningware came with this warning. Jan 8, 2015 - Corning Ware has been a staple in American kitchens since the late 1950s. Any idea what I have? I would actually have to see the pieces to know for sure. I have a Corning Ware petite casserole dish. What about lead in Visionware? They are readily available at thrift stores, garage sales and online very inexpe… However,it is marked A-Z with the only other lettering being the Pyrex trademark. But to which series do the handles go? I have touched on this before with a French White Ramekin and the Percolators that I have found. I have a number of the smaller squares but these range greatly in codes & not all lids match. How can you tell the difference between newer World Kitchen limited edition stovetop pyroceram corningwear and late '80s-'90s pyroceram corningware? Hello Shane!So I have noticed a teeny gold “25” beneath the SOL pattern on a P-43-B. I think it has what you are looking for. my mother has a Corning NY USA coffee cup microwave safe coded 81 F6 that she was hoping to find a couple replacement cups for. bought in New Zealand. And I bought 2 mugs with covers and infusers from the company FOR LIFE because they do not use lead in their glaze. I paid $30 which may be high but I am collecting the larger pieces now that are hard to find. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer! A-3-B with matching dark brown glass lid. It was the mid 70&... S. Wingerd (Culinary Alchemist). P-10-B, A-3-B, P-1 1/2-B, N-5-B etc. 1st generation Corning Ware has a lot of different numbers embossed on the bottom. Congratulations on finding a U-series piece with a pattern on it! I have a Cornflower Blue 6-cup teapot. Corningware is so great to cook with - cleans up easily. They are over 30 years old and were transported from South Africa to New Zealand in my air luggage. Numbers do fade. A-series model numbers began in 1972. These are oven safe, to a point. I recently purchased a NEW Corningware 4 qt French White casserole and the big black stamp on the backsays Stoneware and China. The only ones that really have a problem are the Rangetoppers and Rangetop pieces (with the pyroceram handles).. I've got several pieces from the early 80's on up with many different labels (hologram, block stamp). it is marked on the bottom with: Corning Ware P43-B 700mL 27. i have tried to find the name of the pattern but no luck. Great find! The coorisponding lid model numbers usually end in a C for "Cover". Will any of the other lids in that line fit it? Hi Jill,Unlike the late 80s & 90s pyroceram Corning Ware, the new World Kitchen "Stovetop" line is marked "Made in France" instead of the U.S.A. only one small stainless steel copper sandwich bottom that has had caramelized sugar and worse burnt on it, has kept up with the corning ware, fantastic stuff. I have a simple question. My closest guess is that Corning began the Cornflower series with the embossed markings from about 1958 through early '59. I saw a tutorial somewhere showing that you should NOT stack saucepans (which don't stack straight anyhow) because there is greater chance of chipping.I have limited space for storage, and my question is this: would be be all right to stack casserole dishes of the same width -- for instance a 1 L dish within a 2.5-Liter dish? A retro-spective on Corning's space-age glass ceramic material, Pyroceram cookware. The same thing happened with pieces in the 3rd edition Floral Bouquet pattern as well, CorningWare 411 is not affiliated with either World Kitchen, LLC or Corelle Brands, LLC. It's a rather small cup (not a mug ) with a light blue ring at the top of the cup, and a light grey ring under that blue ring.