In many cases, those who impregnate them are either unknown, known but they refuse to take responsibility, or known but has run away or is uncontactable. Some of these (if not many) end up in the street. There will be no escape from it. and desires and the private parts testify all this or deny it.". And act of killing an innocent soul through abortion is the other. He (peace and blessings be upon him)said, “To make any rival to Allah, when He has created you”. You see? Because the more shyness he develops towards Allah, the more uncomfortable he feels in the presence of Allah. from talks of fahisha, it would constitute zina of the ears and mouth, if (Reported by al-Tabaraani; see also Saheeh al-Jaami, 5045). If you find this article beneficial, please consider sharing it with your loved ones and #Share_the_Khair. And the addiction persists! This is because, although Allah is surely Forgiving for those who seek His forgiveness, the forgiveness granted does not eradicate the impact of the body contact that has taken place. Zina of the eyes is looking at what your not allowed to look at, such as non mehrem women, And yes Zina of the eyes does have a link with Zina of the limbs, Any pictures, drawings photos of women fall under same issue, We are not allowed to look at non mehrem women, except out of necessity, Then the Prophet (saws) ordered that he be stoned to death, and he was People who possess an atom weight of iman do not want their daughters and sisters to be involved in zina, let alone their wives and mothers. He not only asks Allah for making his punishment easy in hellfire, but he also prays to Allah the Almighty to save him from Hell and award him with paradise for his repentance and good deeds. Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do! Amin. I just wanted to add one of the scenes that I see personally dangerous and humilating is that when a muslim commits Zinna and got an illness from it then, the doctor will ask him from wherr you got this , and he will answer him by Zinna! If this is the state of the one who spends for zina, what more of the one who earns from zina, or runs a company, physical or online to facilitate zina? Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And come not near to unlawful sex. "Ye did not seek to hide yourselves lest your hearing, your [Surah 39, Verse 53]. The zina of the eyes is the sight (to gaze at a forbidden thing), the zina of the tongue is the talk, and the inner self wishes and desires and the private parts testify all this or deny it." else its a There’re several situations and reasons that can easily drag anyone into it. The boundaries of Allah are only broken by aggressors. Aaraaf verse 33: 33 Say (O Prophet (saws)): The things that my Lord hath indeed Be it eye contact or be it looking at any other part. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)said: Verily Allah has made her immune from all this. Similarly, movies, dramas and some media materials can be damaging to the modesty of the Muslim, in many ways that could lead him or her to zina. Press J to jump to the feed. Allah says in the Holy Looking at that which is forbidden is one of the arrows of the Shaitaan, which leads a person to doom, even if he/she did not do it intentionally at first. actual penetration of the male organ into the female organ out of wedlock, or However, the female is victimized more than the man. And killing of innocent souls is prohibited in Islam. I feel like that would make kid's shows Haram too in that sense. He (peace and blessings be upon him)said, “To kill your child for fear that he will eat with you”. If you keep looking and looking, especially if you're unmarried, eventually it'll lead you towards sins like Zina, pornography, etc. Leading by example is more influencing is more effective when done than preaching. he said like the rope in a When you cause someone to betray her husband or his wife, isn’t that aggression to his or her right? Thanks Zina (زِنَاء) or zin’a (زِنًى or زِنًا) is an Islamic law concerning unlawful sexual activities or relations between Muslims  men and women who are not married to one another through a Nikah (Islamic marriage). Disclaimer: Please note, Darul Ifta Birmingham is not a Islamic Shari’ah Law Court; hence, the opinions provided by us are not intended to be a ruling as one would expect to receive from a Shari’ah Court. In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. There is nothing wrong with the First unintentional look. 7 Shields for the Muslim Against Fornication and Adultery. On the Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the They (their skins) will say: A thief, who manages to break into a shop of jewelries knows he’s got a golden ‘chance’. This is what is understood in the verse of Sūrah al-Isrā’, 17:32: “And do not even approach zina, for it is an outrageous act, and an evil way…’’. us?". And their presence influences many decisions we make in life. (Reported in Sahih Al-Bukhaari, Hadith #492 and In Sahih Muslim, Hadith #90). I would like to hear from you. Allah has created us and outlined some boundaries of His, which we should observe. He knows what goes inside … Thus, among the characteristics of the chosen servants of Allah (‘ibād al-Raḥmān) is that they don’t commit zina. On top of that, there are so many ppl on YouTube, or social media, or cartoons I see without a hijab on and I'm not sure what I do about all this. Yeah I just finished that phase of my life, now I'm looking to live my life as best I can as a Muslim, I feel like if you are trying not to look you are doing what you can. Salaam Mallam, us?" Others among them may have chosen to exemplify evil. May Allah preserve us in the difficult and challenging times we live in. The last two types of prosecutions are uncommon; most prosecuted cases of zina in the history of Islam have been pregnant unmarried women. Rasulullah (peace and blessings be upon him)said, "Whenever a man is alone with a woman the Devil makes a third."