My son is a severe asthmatic as well as being small for his age.There is also a warning about drug interaction. um me and my 3 freinds had some today.and only one can and it was our fist time and our hands and legs wont stop skaking even right now and it took me 20 mins jus to drink one my stomach also kinda hurts and i have a head ach :/were also all 14 so i think it was to early for us to drink some of this energy drink. nincI tried one yesterday and loved it. - Sugar Free i drink it everyday on the way to the gym. Diesel Xtreme Shock - Fruit Punch i wait 3-4 hours before another one. removes tool for defrauded students, Publix worker's family blames policy for COVID-19 death, Chappelle's Netflix show removed at his request, Cowboys strength coach suffers medical emergency, 'Voice' singer's tough night in Knockout Rounds. I drank a spike shooter at 9:00pm hoping to pull an all nighter to do a term paper. Monster Rehab 5 Hour Decaf - Citrus Energy Yo whats up my homy g's i just wanna say spike energy is rediculous yo, i mean im about to flip out, this stuff is insane... dont drink it.... please.... its rediculous, I Think this stuff in great for all your crake heads out the hit up some crake rocks drink about 3 canes of this spike shit and it will boost your high but dont do 4 canes of it or you might pass out and wake up in prison with some guy named ringo in your cell telling you "come on kid its fun to drop the soap", This energy drink is pure awesome. I did get a nice caffeine buzz and was tempted to finish the can but, for my own experiment I did not. XS - Cola Blast Xfuel for Gamers Just imagining kids buying two of these, not knowing what they were getting into, worries me. Mountain Dew MDX Great drink! Wired - XXX Diet Pepsi This is ana amazing drink, no sugar, no carbs or anything yet it tastes good and is a great source of caffiene if you need to stay awake. i dont drink it often though. Everytime i drank one it was on an empty stomach too. This is because energy drink ingredients are sometimes intended for sustained energy levels instead of instant effects. HC Hot Cocoa Right on the can, it warns you to start off by drinking half a can. All City NRG What's wrong with us. my face started melting and my gums were bleeding the room was spinning out of control... wait that's just me going over-board like everyone else here. I do drink energy drinks on a regular basis (about 1 every other day or so) and have taken other caffeine pills like vivarin and no-doze so I am not as sensitive as some people out there. Great taste, almost no nasty aftertaste that accompanies so many drinks, would be amazing over ice, and just be aware that this is one of the most concentrated energy drinks on the market. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. !U can research more by reading bout yohimbe(the herbal form of yohimBINE) on Erowid. Vim & Vigor Citrus Spike Shooter - Quila Lime That much caffine in a little body just isnt good. Monavie EMV Lite The deal of caffeine being dangerous is very understandable, but one must consider the amount of people having the "shelf" energy drinks out there. 5 Hour The only side effect that I noticed is the heart palpitation (especially if you down a whole can). So no, I did not notice any weird side affects. Vitamin Water - Tropical Citrus Energy I would have only drank 2/3 of the can had I know it's potency. Ol Glory XS Energy Drink - Tea Berry Blast Hi-Ball - Lemon Lime Hydrive S - Blue Raspberry I think you should be atleast 18 yrs old to buy it. Red Light Zenedge Berry Shooter In my opinion I don't think kids under 16 should drink energy drinks or coffee. Mozart We just looked wasted for two days LOL ITS AWESOME STUFF TRY IT YOULL LOVE IT!!!!! Tab Energy No problems.If people weren't so stupid and actually took the time to read the can (reading some of the spelling in other posts might explain that problem) they might save themselves a lot of trouble. and whoever said they drank 3 of these thing, youre crazy/ my hero. Yesterday I picked up a Spike after reading most of the comments here. its also sad that 14 year olds are drinking it. Bomba Ruby Red Hooters Lite Don't drink this SHT! The bottom line is be RESPONSIBLE for your own well being and read before you drink. Brawndo Hi-Ball - Wild Berry Its that easy. It's very efficient if you want/need a caffeine rush. Chugging it is stupid and shows you're just doing it for the jolt and not because you like the drink. And I don't like kids all that much. I brought a whole crate of this stuff off ebay, i drank one can before i started working outside.Man it's good stuff!I managed to get lots done, no horrible taste, like you get with cocaine energy drink( which is more expensive, foul tasting and less powerful).Got 4 square metres of ground dug out, some of it needing a pick axe, hardcore laid, then concrete slabs laid, all in 5 hours, and I'm a 6 foot tall, 150 pound thin man.I would recommend that you drink this stuff with caution, it's much better than red bull, but make sure your going to use the extra energy you'll get, otherwise you may have problems. Jitsu - Apple Don't drink it. Zizzazz Energy Packets Rockstar Punched Citrus Soda FRS - Wild Berry (diet) i only used one. I've drank this and the can says do not drink more than one a day. On Go - Mandarin Orange Vault Fuel Large collection of energy drink ratings & reviews based on taste, price, and kick. Cheetah I'm new to energy drinks and went straight for the "best".