He watches with great sorrow as she again utters she wanted him to feel something, and her death causes him to feel despair. Michael Robert Socha is an actor, known for his role as Tom in Being Human (2008). NO ONE TALK TO ME ABOUT WONDERLAND RIGHT NOW. ("Home"), The bottle continues to head down the river with Will, the new genie, in it, until it's eventually found by Lizard who's come to the river to wash. She frees Will, making her his master, and he hands over her wishes three. ("The Apprentice"), Will grows complacent within his jail cell and annoys all those around him, none more than Sheriff Swan. more. Penelope Scarlet is Will's younger sister. Каталог питомников собак. After mocking the size of the captain's ship - something Hook says is never wise - , Will is asked to help regrow it; Hook thinks that he will be helpful due to the fact that he's spent more time in Wonderland than anyone he knows. The next morning, Belle finds him passed out with a book in his hand and calls Emma, who promptly arrests him. slytherin. She approaches to find that he's searching for his travel bag, which is buried along with the map he needs to find his travel bag. They begin questioning him and he tells them that he's a thief; as such, during the recent blackout, he was out looting and discovered that none of the ice cream at the local ice cream shop melted, despite a lack of working freezers. The dark sorcerer soon returns with Will's heart in tow and he places it back in the genie's body, causing all his feelings for Ana to come rushing back. He thanks her, but stays with her anyway, later helping her battle her way through the Queen's maze. Will's heart is broken by this, and so he requests that Cora remove it from his body. Will Scarlet, also known as the Knave of Hearts, is a main character on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" and "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland". Will then rides his horse back to Anastasia, who is later to become the Red Queen, and reveals that the thing he stole was a Looking Glass. She asks him what he likes in a woman, and so he lists off all the qualities he finds attractive, leading Lizard to wish to be exactly like that. Welcome to Once Upon a Time, Michael Socha. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. However, before this happened, Edwin revealed that Cyrus is alive and looking for her on the ground, which makes Alice very happy as the holes left by her genie and her father are now filled. Hook, heading home from his date, discovers this and tries to get Will to stop, however, Will refuses to listen and the pirate ends up punching him hard in the face. He calls Regina over to show her and makes her feel better about her no-longer-seemingly locked fate. This Once Upon A Time photo contains holding cell, penal institution, and penal facility. Formerly a thief, Will made his way to Wonderland to provide a better, dreamy life for his lover, but things didn't go entirely as planned and eventually she left him to pursue her personal aspirations. She manages to escape, but the Knave soon finds her as she sleeps and approaches, being caught in a net she earlier set up. Will ends up back in Storybrooke and, as celebrations are had at Granny's Diner, he babysits young Roland. He tells her that real love is different to what she feels right now, before using all his strength to reach a hand through the force field, grab Anastasia and kiss her - a kiss of true love. The two of them later attend Alice and Cyrus' wedding in England and return to Wonderland together, but not before Alice and Will part ways with a heartfelt hug. ("Shattered Sight"), Following the Snow Queen's death, Elsa is finally able to use her powers to remove the ice wall surrounding Storybrooke; however, due to some leftover magic, there is now a curse on the town line which makes it so that anyone who leaves cannot return. ("To Catch a Thief") Having just been arrested by a guard in the land of Oz, Will meets Robin of Loxley (later Robin Hood), who comes through a portal door and accidentally knocks out the aforementioned guard. After that, Will always wondered what she would be like if she grew up. After another run in with Silvermist where Will ends up apologizing for whatever he did to her, they arrive where the bottle is supposed to be buried, they see that the evil wizard Jafar is already digging. Will thinks he might have just the thing, and goes on to provide them with a mushroom extract which successfully returns the ship to its proper size. True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you ... About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Will Scarlet, also known as the Knave of Hearts and later as the White King, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time.He débuts in the first episode of the spin-off series and is portrayed by starring cast member Michael Socha.. Will Scarlet is based on the character of the same name from the Robin Hood ballads. She is soon approached by the Queen, who offers Alice an exchange: if she helps her get magic dust that will defend her against Jafar's magic, then she will tell her where Cyrus is being kept. He soon realizes that she is Cyrus' mother and so stabs the former genie with a shard of the Red Queen's smashed mirror, killing him. She is confused, having already hidden it with Hook, but Hook reveals that that wasn't him, and Emma deduces that Gold tricked his wife with a magical disguise. He is seen celebrating with the rest of the group when the heist is successful, however, Maleficent uses her magic to project her voice and tell them to keep the gold if they must, but to return the other item they stole, or there shall be consequences. They soon realize that the Rabbit is gone, after being disappointed to learn that he didn't actually see Cyrus in the Mad Hatter's house, but in fact heard it from the untrustworthy Dormouse. He sets Will free and reveals that he's on a mission s… Once Upon a Time Promo: Emma Swan Returns! The next day, he waits outside his wagon for Anastasia, but only Cora, the Queen of Hearts, turns up, having overheard his meeting with the soon-to-be Red Queen. Unfortunately, he soon spots Emma and a date with Hook and decides to slip out quietly, accidentally making it so food spills all over her. ("Trust Me") Will leaves Wonderland on bad terms, owing the Caterpillar quite a debt. The day before yesterday (unfortunately on April Fool's Day) EW, Buddy TV, among others posted articles stating that actor Michael Socha (who plays Will Scarlet/The Knave of Hearts on Once Upon A Time in Wonderland) was in talks to be a series regular on Once Upon A Time. © 2020 TV Fanatic Will tries breaking into the library the same way he did before, until Robin simply pushes the door open, pointing out that they haven't reached closing hours yet. ISTJ. Will suggests that they break into Maleficent's castle and steal her gold, as rumor has it it's enough to end poverty in the entire kingdom. This frightens her to her core, and when she and Will are trekking through the forest, she senses danger and forces him back into his bottle. Whilst Jafar is trapped in his own bottle to serve eternity as a genie himself, Alice returns to the castle, where Anastasia's dead body is lying on an open coffin. #thoseeyes, The Knave of Hearts/Will Scarlet Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul"), Rumple watches as Belle and Will stroll together and decides that he has business to attend to, approaching the latter in the shop after Belle leaves to babysit Prince Neal. This breaks Jafar's spell, and the former Red Queen frees Alice before telling her to hurry up and defeat the dark wizard who killed her in the first place. By threatening it with her sword, Alice convinces it to sail them to Mimsy Meadows, and Will sits effortlessly on the turtle's back as it swims across the lake. Knowing how dangerous Maleficent is, Robin is reluctant, but he eventually agrees to do so.