FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. pkg. Old formica surfaces, on the other hand... Now that we have a fairly ok surface to start with, let's add the magic. Anytime the top pages are torn or soiled, just tear them off and you have a new surface. Pick up high-quality bench protectors and liners at Grainger to help protect laboratory glassware from scratches and breakage and to help safeguard benchtops against damage from exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures. on Introduction, im no expert but oculdnt u just use the rubber bottom and not glue it that is what it is designed for. Work Bench Mat Repair Heat Resistant 932° Soldering Mat Silicone Work Mat For Repairing Electronics Mat Workbench Pad Board for Soldering Station,BGA Repair Station with Size 15.8" x 11.8" (Navy Blue) 4.8 out of 5 stars 231. It is essentially a rubber mat with a degree of self healing properties. Warranty Cutting Mat Sample Pack If you have a nicer desktop surface like formica, you may not want to do this part. Price Match Promise, Cherwell House These particular mousepads came from pcsurplus or something, I can't recall. The Sili-Mat is approximately 60" long and 23-1/2" wide which will fit comfortably on your work bench. Size isn't critical because hey, it's neoprene - it's compressible, right? Ask your local print shop to save you one. Step 2: Remove the Crud. Not only do these mats prolong the life of a workbench top, they also protect tools and parts by cushioning them when they fall. 11 years ago Thanks for all the great comments, though I don't understand the recent flurry of comments on this article! All of our bench mats are self-healing and heat resistant. Again, I tear the backing off because I consider the surface "part of" my desk. on Introduction, Another idea would be to make a know the stuff the mythbusters use as a dummy for trying out takes the form of human flesh.make a few pans of it and lay in on your workbench.look up on YouTube or google it for the recipe, 10 years ago Mine usually doesn't even tear this badly, but I put off replacing it longer than usual and it was pretty badly cut up.White glue also cleans up easily with warm water, so the next step wont be needed if you are starting with a nicer subsurface. Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. Well, this whole thing works just great even if you didn't build your desk yourself from scrap iron and use cheap plywood for a top... After much tearing, the surface will finally look like this.Again, this all tore the way it did because I use wood glue on plywood. Protective neoprene mesh matting can offer a cushioned surface and effective drainage for just-washed labware. When searching for a "workbench mat" on the internet, all I could find were message boards of other people looking for workbench mats. Oh no! That's it! I also have an antistatic mat I lay down on top of that for more delicate work. Did you make this project? If you try to tear it apart a little at a time the neoprene is just going to tear and you'll have scrap. There are other sources I have found where you can also buy various types of foam. Thank you. My desk uses a piece of old exterior grade plywood I happened to have lying around the day my dad and I welded it up, and it works great. These are much more durable than you might thing because there's glue directly on them - sometimes when I take up a couple of pads, I have to scrape these off because they stick so well. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Workbench tends to collect damage from soldering iron, gunk from old radio innards, x-acto cuts and so forth. Even the rounded edges of the mouse pads work toward making a nice desktop. each, / Based on search filters applied, no results found. Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. The object was to have a soft, clean surface always available for delicate parts subject to destructive scratches. this looks like a great idea to solve that problem, plus all the pros previously mentioned.