It’s constantly changing with time. Things Your Therapist Does to Stay Emotionally Healthy, How I Stay Afloat During Spells of Depression, How Trigger Warnings Help Me Deal With My Trauma, Light-Heartedness Isn’t Naive: It Can Help You Cope in a Crisis, How To Support Someone Having a Mental Health Crisis. What is Duality of Mind, and How to Rise above it? Have you ever felt like there are two sides to you? See more of Duality of Mind on Facebook. You don’t make unnecessary desires to face the dilemma of choices with the mind. Joy is an interesting emotion and the reason I have separated this from happiness is because this is typically a very strong and short emotion. 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This site contains Amazon affiliate and Google Adsense Links that generates commission for us, that helps us to keep site up and running. Once the choice is made, you give everything to your choice, and no confusion arises in the mind. When I get excited about something, I have the ability to fully immerse myself in it and almost obsessively learn about it. I am not a trained therapist or counselor, these are simply my own observations made over my first 35 years of life. What is intermittent fasting, and how to do it. You don’t worry about the past or the future, but give everything that comes to you, in the present moment. Inward Attention, Keeps you One with the Existential Process of Life. The term \"substance\" may be variously understood, but for our initial purposes we may subscribe to the account of a substance, associated with D. M. Armstrong, as what is logically capable of independent existence. The feeling can come from nowhere. I have tried to ‘tough it out,’ ‘suck it up,’ ‘get over it’ and ‘be a man.’ Do you care to take a guess at how that story ended? Duality of Mind Lyrics: It's alright, I close my eyes and look at you / What I see is your smile shining bright at me / Can you feel it? constant, so that whenever the situation arise for you to take a decision, you don’t reach to the dual space of the mind, but reach the spot within i.e. You don’t pick the things from the past, but you allow the things to come to the surface. Sometimes, the weight of the shame and guilt can be lifted before spiraling out of control into full blown depression. Our mind makes use of duality to understand the world, to make sense of it. Whether it be an ancient wiring within us from our constant fight or flight beginnings or a statement of the current state of society, the truth is people are struggling in the “new world” at a higher rate than ever before. The hardest thing with the mind is to make a choice and then to stick with it. With fear, you create a fearful experience and now realize what happens, if you come across the same experience in the future. I am Roshan Sharma. The best way to describe my definition of happiness is contentment. Depression is the final spiral after shame and guilt. There is a reason the saying, “You are your own worst critic,” is repeated ad nauseam. To know the natural process of life is to know, what is needed for the moment, and to simply act on it. Entdecken Sie Duality Of Mind von Antigone bei Amazon Music. The Mind-Body Problem and the History of Dualism. Can you see the Heaven and Hell at the Moment? More and more you be with him, the more you develop his nature, in your daily life. Shames close cousin, guilt, usually follows right behind shame. In addition, a good portion of our society is not receiving the help and support that they need. When you reach to the constant state or the state that you experience after self-realization, you experience every situation of your life for the first time, and you don’t simply act on the situation, but you see the past, present, and future of the situation and then make your choice and decision at the moment. Whenever you face any situation, events, or experience in life, your mind looks at the personality. The Life that Starts at 3.0 a.m. (Brahmakumaris Ashram), The Experience of the state of Pure Consciousness, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) and Vital Chakras Activation in the Body. The most basic form of dualism is substance dualism, which requires that mind and body be composed of two ontologically distinct substances. Part 1: The Duality of Mind The mind exists to control the body from the top level. Does one feel stronger at times than the other? The external, positive duality, and the internal, negative duality, are feelings I believe many people in the world live with on a day in, day out basis. (Armstrong, 1968, p. 7). The mind unquestionably came to exist for this reason because animal bodies need coordinated control to survive in a competitive environment. Well, I have tried. Rather than trying to extinguish the negative duality, embracing this part of me and riding the roller coaster that comes with these emotions has helped to live a much happier, more productive, more meaningful and ultimately more positive life. Varieties of Dualism: Ontology. After the weight of the guilt and the shame has become too much, the body shifts into survival mode. About See All. What is Life-Cycle, and how to Break the Life-Cycle? Open up to that person in your life. I am going to open up to you about how I feel personally. Even if the mind changes, it doesn’t change. Could I become a more complete person if I were to get rid of my negative duality? This can lead to some pretty strong, soul-crushing pain. Community See All. All the mind wants is to feel, think and experience nothing. Once you chose the path than the confusion doesn’t remain of the choices you made in the past, but your mind remains steady at the moment, and if you face any obstacle on the path, you focus on the solution, to remove the obstacle, and keep moving forward on the path. This is a perfect description of the duality that can exist internally within a person. That feeling makes my heart feel “happy”. It can begin as feeling shame about a thought I had during the day and can spiral into a negative feedback loop that eventually leads to thoughts of feeling ashamed about feeling ashamed. I work at ModernAgeSpirituality. When the shame creeps in, it feels like someone is squeezing my heart and won’t let go. Whatever you relate with, it becomes your nature. On one side of the mind, you have experiences of life, which you experience with the body, and thus you have a personal identity, into your mind, which is developed over time, with your different experiences of life. 578 people like this. Hi, With mind, you always have two choices, but with God, you don’t have to make any choice, rather any situation that comes to you, you simply act on it, with all your heart. Our mind can produce ample paths, out of a single situation, but if you connect within you, i.e. “It’s easier to stick to a single path, after the self-realization, as your only desire remains to become one with God, but even at the level of mind, if you can choose a path, and stick with it, and remove all the obstacles from the path, you can certainly reach your goal.”. Contact Duality of Mind on Messenger. When you relate yourself with God, everything that you experience with him becomes your nature. Great question, but one of the major reasons is how harshly we can judge ourselves. The nature of mind is ever-flowing and thus it becomes impossible to stay with one idea or thought. Duality is an essential feature of the human mind. Rather, I see this more as the more carefree, happy side of my personality. Self-realization is a state of mind, where all the dualities of mind end.