25. 11.it is thoughtless to go out when it is Thundering. With a genetically modified organism if you do, 10. Synonym: big H, boom, hell dust, nose drops, roar, roaring, scag, skag, smack. Log in or register to post comments; Comments. sentence examples. 4. Cross the Continental Divide and behold incomparable vistas of lush meadows, alpine glaciers, and thundering waterfalls. The thunder roared terribly. SpicyJade9 replied on 28 January, 2012 - 15:17 Sri Lanka Permalink, NeverFolkCactus replied on 12 February, 2012 - 19:48 Ukraine Permalink. 1.she took a bow to the Thundering applause of the audience. Rainbows are their bodies, thunder is their voice, and storms are caused by their passage across the sky. And to cap it all she could feel the ominous beginnings of a, 28. 32.trains are Thundering in and out all the time at a subway station. If you make a mistake, just erase it and start over. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. 3. The pixels form an animated image, whether it be a flight through the cosmos or fighter jets, 24. 40.they watch the waters Thundering down. Make sure the yard is well swilled out. Make sure that good behaviour is rewarded. From Cambridge English Corpus. Speculative said: "let wager relentlessness, I not letter will, 28. Click on the words in the right order to make a sentence. Into the Maelstrom For decades the rapids of Niagara were overshadowed by the presence of the, 29. 23.hardly had i seen the light, when i heard a loud Thundering. 4.suddenly, i was on the top of one wave as she came Thundering over the next. It was thundering all night but there was no rain. 12. The tow rope sprang taut, plucking the dinghy clear as the swell broke, 27. Liz ran, dragging Anna, their footsteps, 13. thundering rhythm from the Manchester 3 piece. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 2. He's waiting for me to make a mistake. thundering water pour over the falls that give the town its name. give relief, while the Christians attributed it to the prayers of their brethren in a legion to which, they affirmed, the emperor then gave the name of "The Thundering.". Make sure the tripod is stable. Then the artillery, such as was saved, came, 19. "If the road isn't very clearly marked as a private road, or if the driver misses a sign, there will be occasional places where we, 29. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. he would not, 23. Needless to say, she got much deserved thundering applause for her performance. Sometimes my pet sits down and runs over the keyboard of the computer.I often feed Kesha.His favourite food is fruits especially apples and kivis. Play this game to practise putting the words in the correct order. The blood began to thunder in his ears. Example sentences with the word thunder. My pet eats crips with pleasure. 4. Thundering. Level 2. 5.she heard the sound of the guns Thundering in the fog. 33.other herders crest the rise on their atvs, driving hundreds of Thundering reindeer into a makeshift stockade. Make sure the letter is properly addressed. CK 1 325174 The animals were scared by the thunder.CK 1 27162 Lightning is usually followed by thunder.CK 1 2721283 I was woken up by the sound of thunder this morning. 3.presently she heard a bubbling in the stream and was surprised to find it was the Thundering voice of the river god alpheus . 3. CK 1 27161 Lightning precedes thunder.NekoKanjya 317383 She is frightened of thunder.CK 246088 The thunder scared the children. His name is Kesha.Kesha is blue , black and white .He is very beautiful.