Check if there is leakage from the fuel CAUTION lower the beam. WARNING is down. T motorcycle and then supplement and Tighten Off Road Speeds of 60 plus MPH, 32+ MPG on Roadways, 28+ MPG on off road Trails. Coolant reservoir tank cap ◉ MAINTENANCE DURING STORAGE eye protection, and protective increases when the engine oil is hot. push down on the handlebar repeatedly Switch on the low beam, sit astride the 7. of the transmission oil level bolt hole. (Refer to page 70) 12V 8Ah (MF) the passenger backrest for passenger’s Check if the mirror shows the rear and / or accommodated inside the tank). is highly recommended that you use a Always keep both hands on the handlebars while riding. for a long time, it will need special servicing 5 ~ 20 mm 300DPI 100LPI Check the spark plug every time a scheduled maintenance service is performed. CAUTION stopping power as dry brakes. ` 40 the position at which the oil filter gasket first contacts the mounting surface. WARNING hand until the filter gasket contacts the Push it for STORAGE PROCEDURE CAUTION handling characteristics of the PY When replace the damaged lamp, always for loosening. O FRONT BRAKE MS3¿ „fi‡»` there is fresh air. revving the engine. C most important service your motorcycle will output and an increase in fuel consumption. can reduce your ability to control the and could result in an accident. riding the motorcycle, be sure to check the hold the fuel in the tank and place it on other traffic during emergency parking or I found several used gas tanks at a motorcycle junk yard in Tifton, GA starting at $150 is what they quoted me. MS3¿ „fi‡»` WARNING and keep the handlebars straight. REAR-VIEW MIRROR 300DPI 100LPI the brake system. with your machine and its controls. apply brakes several times to let friction dry out the pads. ◉ Pay much more attention to driving seconds the safety of persons and children at WARNING 2007.7.5 4:58 PM Do not apply grease and oil to the Tighten 1. The odometer registers the total distance To remove and clean the spark plug : WARNING 4. TAMPERING WITH NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED PY observing an incorrect slack. C SCREW, CAUTION 120 mm (4.7 in) ④ 400 ㎖ WARNING rated this bike 22nd out of 69 sport bikes in its class for 2009. will help ensure maximum life and performance from your new motorcycle. D cleaners for spark plugs, with an iron � ` 67 hose must be replaced. D Press the latch button. washing mitts or cleaning brushes can be R the palms of both hands : do not twist or should go out. complaints. thrown up by the tires of large vehicles will reduce your vision ; the air Mop them up with a patch when washing. is necessary to empty the fuel tank D the motorcycle thoroughly with clean water. CAUTION 30 The EPIC 4x4 Side by Side will do what any Side by Side ATV will do, plus it is street legal from the factory and you can drive it home, use it for commutes or just fun cruising. ` 45 O ● Be careful not to allow water to go Handle plastic and paint-finished parts H ˘ action, consult your Hyosung dealer 5. ⑭ PY All electrical circuits are disconnected. D skills, your motorcycle, and the riding Modification of the motorcycle, or removal For returning the center stand, push the O MS3¿ „fi‡»` To open the storage box : cooled down. 2007.7.5 4:58 PM (OFF) position. is 120/70-13M/C 53S for front and 11. where there is little or no ventilation available. filler hole until the engine oil level the side of the oil return tank. Center stand pivot and spring hook Be neck. Launder any clothing ● Remove the helmetbox inner cover. � 57.0 mm (2.24 in) � Open the front storage box cover ② . SUPPLY OF GASOLINE , OIL AND COOLANT ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ 31 D Loose fancy clothing can be uncomfortable and unsafe in terms of riding motorcycle inspected by your Make sure that the motorcycle is stable. C Engine oil filter performance and may lead to an accident. Upon reassembly, install the bolts and R H ◉ WAXING THE MOTORCYCLE BRAKES